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SwitchBot Smart Lock

SwitchBot Smart Lock

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SwitchBot Smart Door Lock can make your existing lock smart, the perfect choice for your home. 

Easy to install and set up, the revolutionary SwitchBot Smart Lock gives you the smart security you need for your home can integrate without replacing your existing lock. You can use app control, or Apple Watch to unlock the door or seven other ways to unlock your door. Enjoy safer and smarter home security with the SwitchBot Smart Lock.

SwitchBot Lock allows you to automate your door and help make home life even smarter. What's more, our Lock supports different locks and doesn't affect your original lock. Enjoy great features such as Auto-Lock, Home Sharing, Voice Control, and so much more.

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What should we check before purchasing the SwitchBot Lock?

Before buying, please check if SwitchBot Lock is compatible with your original door lock and if it can be used with your smartphone or Apple Watch.

Check Compatibility Guide here

Is it possible to control the Lock/Dual-Lock with Remote?

It is possible to control a single Lock as well as Dual-Lock using (multiple) remote controls.

How long does the battery of SwitchBot Lock last?

If the Lock is locked and unlocked ten times daily, two Lithium batteries (CR123A) can last 180 days.

Is it possible to unlock the Lock with a physical key after it has been installed?

Sure, it's possible. This will not affect unlocking the Lock with a physical key. Don't worry.

SwitchBot Smart Lock

  • Easy to Install

    Just rip, and stick on your existing lock. No screws, no drilling.

  • Convenient

    7 awesome ways to unlock your door.

  • Reliable

    Enjoy battery life up to 6 months long when using SwitchBot Lock.

  • Safe

    Helps you get to know your lock just that little bit better.

Make your existing lock smart, the simple way.

Compatible with a host of different locks.

7 awesome ways to unlock your door.

Not at home? Not a problem.

You can also unlock your door remotely using SwitchBot Hub Mini. Great for receiving deliveries, or letting friends or family members in.

Make the most of your Apple Watch.

SwitchBot Lock can also be controlled by using your Apple Watch. Great for when perhaps you don't have your smartphone to hand.

Say goodbye to your phone... Well, kinda.

If you're tired of relying on your phone to unlock your door, Keypad and Keypad Touch are great ways to free yourself from the worry of always having your smartphone around.

Makes coming home (and leaving) a little less stressful. 

SwitchBot Lock helps you automatically lock your door when you leave or come home to help make life just that little bit easier.

Helps you get to know your lock just that little bit better.

View event logs to see when SwitchBot Lock has been used, get low battery reminders, and real-time message notifications to make sure you're always up to date when it comes to what your lock is up to.

Make the most of your Apple Watch.

Enjoy at least 6 months* worth of battery life when using SwitchBot Lock when based on an average of 10 times per day. 

*Data taken from in-house testing, May 2023.

Built-in high-quality motor. 

SwitchBot Lock also features a high-quality motor with long service life that supports up to 50,000 lock cycles to offer a usage life of around 10 years.*

 *Based on an average use of 10 times per day.

Switchbot Lock


What's included in the box




Product size: 111.6 mm x 59 mm x 73.2mm (4.4 in x 2.3 in x 2.9 in.)
Product Weight: 253g

Product Details

Material: PC+ABS
Compatibility:Check compatibility>

System Requirement: iOS 11.0+, Android 5.0+;
SwitchBot Tag: iOS 13.0+, iPhone XR or higher models; Android 5.0+, any models that support NFC;
Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 2 or higher models and WatchOS 4.0 or higher versions
Lifespan: Up to 50,000 cycles (1 cycle equals clockwise rotation by 180º and anti-clockwise rotation by 180º)
Angle of Rotation: 360º clockwise and anti-clockwise
Power Input: 3V CR123A x 2
Battery Life: 180 days maximum, locking and unlocking 10 times per day
Communication Mode: Bluetooth 5.0
Third-party Services: Alexa/Google/Siri/IFTTT/SmartThings/LINE Clova/API
Encryption: AES-128-CTR

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent Retrofit Door Lock

Simple to setup, easy to calibrate, works via bluetooth with switch bot app, home assistant dongle or esphome proxy. Rates are fairly reasonable when compared to US equivalent.

Rahul Jawale
Works with Godrej Rim Lock

Fits and works will Godrej Rim Lock door latch. The only thing I have not been able to figure out yet is getting it to detect lock state when latch is locked by keys.

Great Product

Great Product

Shobhit Sachan
Does not work with godrej XL locks

Useless for godrej locks.

Shuvadeep baidya
Perfect retrofit solution

I was looking for a smart lock to my door without any modifications. Switch bot was magic. Perfect fit easy to install and works flawlessly. Really impresses how they made something simple. Definitely recommended.