6 ideas for making a luxury Hotel Bathroom Design!

6 ideas for making a luxury Hotel Bathroom Design!

People have developed a deep love for beautiful and luxurious hotels and your Hotel bathrooms can truly become the ultimate retreat for the guests. Today, we’ve rounded our favourite tips to designing a hotel bathroom that’s indulgent & gorgeous.

In the hotel bathroom, guests should feel at ease and, most importantly, comfortable. So, it must be cosy, pleasant, impeccably clean, and fragrant.

Regardless of the number of hotel stars and the size of the bathroom, it has to be both functional and aesthetic. The way of arranging the bathroom space also says everything about the treatment of the hotel guests.


Hotel Bathroom Design

(Credit- Quark Studio)

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Luxury Hotel Bathroom

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Hotel and resort bathrooms often look a lot alike—especially when it comes to color tones. If you’ll notice, not many of them stray from the tried-and-true earth-tone palettes, and it’s not too hard to see why. Earth tones—from gold and silver to white, black, brown, and beige—these colors are hands-down your best options for longevity and long-lasting relevance. With earth tones in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy a look that’s both timeless and modern, luxurious and minimalist, and classic yet trendy at the same time.



Hotel Bathroom Lighting

(Credit- Joey)

Ample overhead and task lighting are key, but look best they are done in an elegant way. Light creates space. It has a greater impact on the overall interior reception than any other factor. Number of light sources, their colour, power, place of placing – here everything matters. Bright lights are great for putting makeup on, but nothing says relaxation like soft lighting. Place a dimmer switch on bathroom lights and you can opt for mood lighting for that soak in the tub.

If you can’t install a dimmer, candles can be a great substitute. If you have the counter space, a small decorative lamp with a pretty shade provides an option for subtle lighting.



Hotel Bathroom Design

(Credit- Jarmoluk)

Bright, illuminated colours increase the space and are favourably received by guests. That is why the bathroom design trend with bright ceramic tiles is always alive. Classic and elegant marble is also a great choice for a hotel bathroom. Not only does it have a sophisticated look, but it is water-resistant and can also add value to your entire room.



Hotel Bathroom Shower Design

(Credit- Max Vakhtbovyc)

One of the best and most trending ways to use a bathroom space is to separate a place for showering and bathing. Whether it’s a beautiful glass or stone enclosure separating the shower from the rest of the room, or a wet room with the tub and shower inside, using the bathing areas as gleaming and gorgeous focal points in large spaces are always a good idea.


Bathroom Luxury Design

(Credit- Crista Grover)

It’s all in the details and unexpected moments! The subtle but elegant styling is also something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, though it does create that light and airy feel. Introduce colour, personality and life into your bathroom with a bunch of blooms. Your design aesthetic in the bathroom should be a continuation of the theme in the rest of your hotel. Adding artwork that reflects the style can bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the space.

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