5 musts for a perfect Hotel Lobby / Reception Design!

5 musts for a perfect Hotel Lobby / Reception Design!

First impressions are an important part of human interaction that I’m going to say translates over into an hotel environment as well. Because of that, the lobby areas can be an important element of the hotel – allowing you to give visitors positive feelings and impressions as they enter your hotel for the first time. Today that image is different, with the years passing hotel owners started to realize that this division was the key one to the visitor’s perspective and the one that would cause the biggest impact. Unadorned lobby may leave your guests questioning their decision to stay at your hotel. Instead, try the ideas below to design a welcoming entryway that impresses travellers and helps them enjoy their stay.


(Credit- Annie Spratt)

One of the key elements to a gorgeous hotel lobby ambience is great lighting. the perfect spot to look at when you walk in. Charm, delightful and gorgeous is the perfect words to describe this chandelier. we believe in luxury designs as a form of expression and the boldest possible means to be irreverent and different.


(Credit- Amira Aboalnaga)

The hotel rooms are the most vital aspects. The guest who paid his hard money would like to be in a relaxed and cosy one. They are supposed to feel like a home, where they could easily access the facilities of the hotel. These are hotel interior design concepts that a hotel owner must include in your home. Top interior and design in the hotel can help you in achieving the best hotel design.


(Credit- Marcus Loke)

The first thing people notice after the entrance in the lobby, they judge you accordingly and select the hotels while looking at the lobby appearance. It usually consists of dining, gathering & recreation.  Every commercial hotel design should incorporate a luxurious yet modern hotel lobby so that it can create a positive impact on the guests. Well designing a lobby can be a difficult task but not for hotel interior design companies.


Hotel Lobby Design


(Credit- Yeon-su Park )

If the design of the entire hotel is simple, we will not be extremely elaborated just in the lobby. Simplicity is sometimes the key to a minimalist but very appealing décor. while going through hotel interior design you should give importance to the areas like lounges, guest corridors, banquet halls, bars, leisure areas such as health clubs.


(Credit- Tania Miron)

Today’s hotel guest is starting to look at the hotel as part of the destination, and not just a place to lay their bags. In an effort to accommodate and engage the social savvy traveller, hotels are starting to recreate their lobby. This is a place where new friendships are made, stories and jokes are told, meals are shared and experiences exchanged.

So, make sure you make the place a suitable environment for guests to interact freely.

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