The basics of a Hotel Bed Room Design- A Perfect Hotel Room!

The basics of a Hotel Bed Room Design- A Perfect Hotel Room!

The most important part of the hotel is of course the bedroom. Designers may talk of theatre, and creating a wow factor, but the whole purpose of an hotel is to provide a bed for the night for the traveler, whether they be tourist, business person or just passing through. However stunning the hotel interiors may be a good night’s sleep has to be delivered and this needs a good bedroom environment.


Hotel Room Design

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There is no doubt that the bed is the best bit of a hotel room. It’s normally huge, ridiculously comfy with a spring mattress and micro-fibre pillows. A guest needs to feel ‘wow’ as they lie on the bed. This should have nothing to do with the delights of their companion, nor programmes on the room television, nor the style and decor. No, the ‘wow’ must come from the bed itself.
Always, always, always go for white bedding. It creates a sense of purity, will always be in style and will complement any scheme. Sohum Linens has a variety of white beddings to create a luxurious and soothing feel.



Hotel Room Lighting

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Hotel rooms are all about atmosphere, putting you in the mood for wining, dining then passing out face down into those amazing pillows. So you’ll never find a luxury hotel room with a sad single pendant ceiling light, that won’t get you in the mood for anything. Hotel lighting is soft, ambient and romantic. To create this you’ll need lights at varying heights so wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Lamps with shades work best because they softly diffuse the light. LED lights also create that magical glow.
Floor to ceiling windows are also one of the favourite features of luxury hotels visitors and is always one of the best hotel bedroom decorating ideas. Having one will make your bedroom be invaded with natural light and present you with a connection with the outside.


Hotel Room Design

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Neutral or dark colour schemes are preferred for hotel rooms. Neutrals create a soft relaxing atmosphere. They are grown up, elegant and easy to live with.  Darks are enveloping, cosy and intimate. In terms of which colour to go for, greens and blues will work well, as will your neutral sand and stone type of colours. The colours to avoid are yellow, orange and red which are colours that can agitate and stimulate so stick to colours that bring a sense of calm and tranquility.


Hotel Room Design

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While many people are a devoted fan of wooden flooring, you really need carpet if you’re going to create that luxurious boutique feel. Same goes for window dressing, go for curtains over blinds or shutters. The heavier and more luxurious the better. For furniture, you can opt for freestanding furniture as it will always have a more boutique feel to it and I much prefer it over fitted. If you have the space then chairs and ottomans are two classic hotel bedroom pieces you would do well to invest in.


Hotel Room Design Inspiration

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Whilst we are on the topic of bedside tables, for a hotel feel it’s best to use symmetry when it comes to arranging furniture and styling accessories. Symmetry creates a sense of formality and balance which is what we are going for here.


Hotel Room Clean

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We know that this is such an obvious one but it is still sometimes overlooked by many. Keep surfaces dust and smudge free, make sure mirrors are gleaming, hoover lamp shades and wash down woodwork regularly and you should even ask the housekeeping staff to hoover under the bed every now and then. We know, we know, we’re asking a lot but it will really make your room look and feel better.
These were some of our top tips which will definitely elevate your hotel room!

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